When you consider what money means to you, what comes to mind?  Does it have a special connotation to you? How have your experiences influenced your beliefs about money? Do you believe money provides the freedom to pursue what you desire in life and the ability to support the people and causes you value?

Hillegas Advisory Services Inc.'s (HAS) intention is to provide objective and professional financial advice. This is all we do. HAS assures its clients that they are receiving only unbiased, objective advice because HAS is a fee-only wealth management firm. Our revenues come solely from the fees paid us by our clients.

We do not accept product commissions of any kind, sell proprietary products or offer investment banking services, thereby eliminating conflicts of interest typical in the financial services industry. This pure approach, we hope, provides each client with the assurance and peace of mind that HAS is working hard to maximize our clients' financial wealth and well-being.

For those clients interested in an integrated approach to their life and money, HAS offers the opportunity to develop a personal vision for wealth accumulation and preservation.  

Using HAS for personal wealth management offers you the confidence and freedom to pursue what matters most, while we look after your financial matters.

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