Personal CFO Suite

Personal CFO Suite

Imagine … a roadmap that plainly illustrates the path to achieve your lifetime dreams.   This Personal CFO Suite is intended to do just that.  Together we create a detailed roadmap of your financial landscape with an understanding that your life, your key objectives and your money must be thoughtfully integrated (or fully integrated, or must be intelligently integrated)

  1. Current Financial Life Landscape – Values, Goals, Key Life Objectives
    1. Create current financial dashboard (clear picture of your current position)
    2. Create Life Landscape – 30 key questions (your  vision, your dreams, your future)
  2. Custom Life Landscape Plan - weave together money & finance with your values, vision & goals
  3. Implementation Services – our wealth advisory team and expert network makes it easy to put your plan into action and monitor your progress. 
  4. Regular review – review the continually changing landscape of your life.  As your life landscape changes, we make adjustments to stay on course.

Hillegas Advisory Services Inc.'s goal is to create a thorough understanding of your personal financial landscape.  We understand that this landscape consists of life goals around your purpose, your family and your community.  We employ a thoughtful four step process that begins with a clear picture of your current financial landscape as it relates to your values, goals and key life objectives.  The result is the development of a current financial dashboard and a life landscape.  We create  your personal Life landscape Plan that serves as a roadmap (or blueprint) that meets identified goals for you, your family and the community.    Then, the most important step is to implement the plan, fitting/putting all your pieces together (investments, risk management, taxes, income generation, contingency & estate).  Finally, we meet regularly to ensure that as the landscape changes we make adjustment to stay on course. 

At the end of the day, success depends on the thoughtful/intelligent integration of your key life goals and your finances.

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